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Sweetgreen CEO Called 'Fat-Phobic' After Saying 'Root Cause' of COVID's Impact Is Unhealthy Food
Jonathan Neman, one of the founders of the salad chain, said that "obese and overweight people" make up most COVID-19 hospitalizations and "no vaccine nor mask will save us"
Lauren Scruggs Talks IVF Process and Why She's 'Embracing It Fully': 'It's a Beautiful Thing'
Lauren Scruggs tells PEOPLE about her journey to expand her family with husband Jason Kennedy and the importance of healthy eating while doing IVF
Scarlett Johansson Doesn't Make Eating Healthy 'Feel Like a Chore' for Daughter Rose
Johansson has partnered with HumanCo on Snow Days, a brand of frozen pizza bites made with organic, grain-free ingredients
Watch Michelle Obama Hilariously Attempt to Get Jimmy Kimmel's Daughter Jane, 6, to Eat Vegetables
Michelle Obama gives her best attempts at convincing Jane Kimmel, 6, to eat healthy on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Americans Love to Snack — So Much So They've Eaten Full-Sized Bags of Treats in One Sitting: Survey
Americans estimated in a survey that they spoil an average of five meals per week due to an inability to curtail their snacking
Eating 5 Daily Servings of Fruits and Vegetables Can Lead to a Longer Life, Study Shows
Consuming at least two fruits and three vegetables a day is likely to lower one's risk of early death from all causes by 13 percent, according to researchers

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Americans Are Sneaking Healthy Food Into Their Loved Ones' Diets, According to a New Survey
Four in five survey respondents confessed that once they hear a loved one likes a particular fruit or vegetable, they've incorporated that ingredient into as many meals as possible
Gwyneth Paltrow Says She 'Gained A Lot of Weight Over COVID' but Has Lost 11 Lbs.
Gwyneth Paltrow said she used Dr. Will Cole's eating plan to help her get back on track

Harrison Ford Reveals He Has Been Maintaining a 'Clean' Diet: 'It's Really Boring'

Harrison Ford said his new diet cuts out any dairy or meat products