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Rita Wilson ‘Grateful’ for Her Health 1 Year After COVID Diagnosis

“One year ago today I was playing the Sydney Opera House,” the actress and singer wrote, noting that just days later she was hospitalized for COVID-19

Gwyneth Paltrow Says She and Brad Falchuk Are ‘Getting Better All the Time’ After COVID Diagnosis

"He actually only got his taste and smell back in January, so nine months after he lost it," Gwyneth Paltrow said on an appearance on PEOPLE (the TV show!)

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey Says She Will Lift COVID-19 Mask Mandate

"While I'm convinced a mask mandate has been the right thing to do, I also respect those who object and believe this was a step too far in government overreach," Ivey said

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Vaccinated Pope Francis Makes History as First Pontiff to Visit Iraq Despite Security Issues

An Iraq joint operations spokesperson said that Pope Francis' visit "provides a good perspective of Iraq because the whole world will be watching"

Kayla Itsines Is Going Through a ‘Tough’ Recovery After Her Second Endometriosis Surgery

The fitness influencer said it took “years of living with that pain” before she learned that she has endometriosis and went through surgery

Charisma Carpenter Offers 17 Tips About Helping Survivors of Abuse in an 'Effort to Foster Change'

"My open letter is not just trauma unpacking or dumping. It's a wake-up call. And a call to action," says Charisma Carpenter