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The Rubber Bullets Police Are Using on Protesters Can Kill, Blind or Maim for Life

“Shooting [rubber bullets] into open crowds is reckless and dangerous,” said Dr. Douglas Lazzaro, a professor and expert in eye trauma at NYU Langone Health
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If People Are Staying Home, Why Is Coronavirus Still Spreading?

Most of the U.S. has been under stay-at-home orders for the last two months, but COVID-19 cases continue to grow by 2 to 4 percent each day
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How to Tell If That Sneeze Is Coronavirus or Allergies

Although there are some similarities between coronavirus and allergy symptoms, there are several key distinctions to keep in mind
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Dentist Offices Are Closed Due to Coronavirus — but You Can Be Seen in an Emergency

Dentists are treating some patients on a case-by-case basis after the American Dental Association advised canceling non-essential appointments
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Asthma No Longer Considered One of the Greatest Coronavirus Risk Factors, but Doctors Warn to 'Stay Vigilant'

“It is reassuring as we were concerned for all patients with chronic lung disease," Dr. Purvi Parikh tells PEOPLE, but she urges against developing a "false sense of security"
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More Men Are Dying from Coronavirus Than Women — Researchers Are Trying to Figure Out Why

“It could be just down to natural differences in an immune response between men and women,” says Dr. Emily Gurley