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Celebs Who've Lost Weight in Quarantine

These stars turned their downtime during the pandemic into an opportunity to get healthy and fit

Canyon Ranch's Baked Macaroni & Cheese

"This has been a mainstay recipe at Canyon Ranch since the early days," says Dan Hardy, executive chef at the wellness resort and spa in Lenox, Mass. "It's the perfect example of how healthy eating need not deprive you of taste, satisfaction and indulgence."

This Couple Shed More Than 200 Lbs.: ‘Losing Weight Together Has Brought Us Closer’

Jasmine Parent and Jeremy Crawley decided to take charge of their health for themselves and their kids — and have never looked back

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The author of Hungry Girl Fast & Easy shares one of her favorite one-pot, protein-packed meals: "It tastes just like a delicious burger, and it's actually good for you!"

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