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2022 Golden Globes Still Moving Forward Despite Not Having NBC Broadcast After Controversy
NBC announced in May that it would not air next year's Golden Globes ceremony, which the Hollywood Foreign Press Association hosts, after outrage about the HFPA's lack of inclusion
Golden Globes' HFPA Approves Reforms to Make Membership More Inclusive to Journalists of Color
The Hollywood Foreign Press Association voted yes on a set of reforms after it faced controversy for having zero Black members
Megan Fox: I Stopped Drinking Alcohol After Making 'Belligerent' Comments at 2009 Golden Globes
On the 2009 Golden Globes red carpet, Megan Fox said she believes she looks like "a doppelgänger for Alan Alda" before adding, "I'm a man"
Jason Sudeikis Was 'Neither High Nor Heartbroken' When He Wore Tie-Dye Hoodie to the Golden Globes
The actor said he simply didn't feel like getting dressed up for the virtual award show ceremony — so he opted to wear a tie-dye sweatshirt instead
Brooke Shields' Daughter Rowan Rocks Her Mom's 1998 Golden Globes Dress to Prom: 'Proud Mama'
Suddenly Susan star Brooke Shields dug up the strapless red dress she wore to the 1998 Golden Globes for her 18-year-old daughter Rowan's prom
Tom Cruise Returns All 3 of His Golden Globe Trophies amid HFPA Controversy
Tom Cruise is the latest Hollywood star to take action amid the HFPA’s controversy surrounding diversity and inclusion

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Golden Globes Won't Air on NBC in 2022 amid Controversy: 'Change of This Magnitude Takes Time'
The Golden Globe's governing body has been under fire for several controversies, including not having any Black members
Scarlett Johansson Slams Golden Globes' HFPA: Their Behavior 'Bordered on Sexual Harassment'
Scarlett Johansson says she "refused to participate in" HFPA conferences after "facing sexist questions and remarks by certain HFPA members that bordered on sexual harassment"

Daniel Kaluuya's Unstoppable Career in Photos

The award-winning British actor has conquered comedy, drama, action, horror — and is only just beginning his Hollywood reign