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SoulCycle Instructors Accused of Racist, Sexual and Fat-Shaming Comments: Report

Former and current SoulCycle staff and executives, along with customers, allege that instructors at the fitness company commonly make racist, sexual and fat-shaming comments to staff and riders

TikTok Star Shane Whalley Loses 100 Lbs. and Discovers the 'Self-Love I've Always Wanted'

“I've gone through a lot, but I've never given up," says Shane Whalley, whose emotional videos about his weight loss journey have attracted 2M followers

We Tried It: Could Chris Hemsworth's Centr Wellness App Help Me Kick My Quarantine Slump?

With the pandemic taking its toll on my physical and mental health, I looked to Centr for a new approach — and the secret to Thor's abs

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Trainer of 20 Years Honored Her with Push-Ups Next to Her Casket

Bryant Johnson respectfully knelt down and did a few push-ups for Ginsburg; the justice had said their biweekly sessions were "essential" to her well-being