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Paulina Porizkova Regrets Not Signing Prenup with Late Ex-Husband Ric Ocasek: 'I Was Stupid'

"I literally went through a year of asking my friends to buy us groceries. It was not a good position to be in," the model said of her financial struggles following the Cars frontman's death

Mitt Romney and Cory Booker Propose Plans to Provide Families with Thousands a Year Per Child

"This legislation represents an ambitious, evidence-based and practical approach to building a foundation for wealth-building and opportunity for all Americans," Booker said of his plan

Financial Experts Share Their Easy Steps to Manage Debt: It 'Cannot Define You’

"Run your finances like you run your social life, which is sit down, look at your calendar and plan it out," Alexa von Tobel, co-founder of the venture capital firm Inspired Capital, advises

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Man Who Forgot Bitcoin Password Makes 'Peace' with $250 Million Loss: 'Time Heals All Wounds'

Stefan Thomas says he has just two more tries to get the password right before he's locked out of his Bitcoin account forever