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Jeff Lowe Says He’s Been 'Offered Michael Jackson’s Elephants' for His New Zoo

Jeff Lowe is taking animals from Joe Exotic's former G.W. Exotic Animal Memorial Park and moving them to the new Tiger King Park in Thackerville, Oklahoma
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China to Offer Buy-Outs to Farmers Raising Exotic Animals for Human Consumption: Report

The farmers will be offered the equivalent of $88 per porcupine, $84 per civet cat; $11 per kilogram of bamboo rat, and $17 per kilogram of cobra, king rattle or rat snakes
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Colorado Sanctuary Home to 39 Tigers Once Owned By Tiger King's Joe Exotic: They're 'Happier'

The Wild Animal Sanctuary says the 39 tigers formerly owned by Joe Exotic came to the sanctuary malnourished, in distress and with extensive dental issues
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Animal Rights Experts Reveal the 'Tragedy' Behind the Cub Petting Industry Shown in Tiger King

Privately-owned tiger cubs can be taken away from their mothers, overworked and then neglected when they grow too big to handle as part of the cub petting industry, says the CEO of HSUS

PETA Urges Kate McKinnon Not to Use Live Animals in Upcoming Scripted Tiger King Series

The animal rights organization asked the producers and McKinnon to use CGI or existing footage of animals in place of live animals

New Study Shows Jimi Hendrix Is Not to Blame for Parakeet Invasion in the United Kingdom

Researchers believe the birds were introduced through "repeated releases and introductions"