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Jessie James Decker Defends Having a 'Small Group' of Kids Over to Celebrate Son's Birthday

Jessie James Decker shared a series of photos over the weekend that showed at least five other kids joining the family to celebrate her son's birthday

Jessie James Decker Details Son Forrest's 'Freak' Infection: 'He Was in So Much Pain'

"They had to sedate him and cut it open and get it all out," says Jessie James Decker of her 2-year-old son's harrowing health crisis

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Presenting ... 24 Celebrity Instagram Husbands Who Know Their Place in This World

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Jessie James Decker on Raising her 'Wolf Pack' with Husband Eric - and How She Deals with 'Mom Guilt'

Jessie James Decker, mom of three, opens up about her relationship with her mom and explains why planning ahead as a mother will lead to more stress than success.

Jessie James Decker Opens First Kittenish Store in Nashville: 'It's Fun, Flirty and Fabulous'

The country singer tells PEOPLE the store is 'a teenage girl’s dream'