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Paris Jackson and Emile Hirsch Are Not Dating: They've 'Been Friends for a Long Time,' Says Source
"He's actually one of the youngest homies of mine," Jackson clarified in the comment section of her post
Mel Gibson and Kate Bosworth Fight Criminals During a Hurricane in Force of Nature Trailer
Mel Gibson and Kate Bosworth play a father-daughter duo who get caught up in a deadly heist in Force of Nature
Jameela Jamil Blasts Quentin Tarantino for Casting Emile Hirsch Who 'Strangled' Her Friend
Jameela Jamil is speaking out against Emile Hirsch's return to Hollywood's good graces, even after he pleaded guilty to attacking a female studio executive
From 'NSYNC to Woody Allen: How Justin Timberlake Went from Pop Star to In-Demand Actor
How did a former boy band member end up in a film that might be at the Oscars this winter?
Emile Hirsch Will Spend 15 Days in Jail After Pleading Guilty to Assault on Studio Exec
Emile Hirsch pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault on Monday and will face 15 days in jail

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Skateboarding Pioneer Jay Adams Dies at 53

The California native portrayed in the film Lords of Dogtown died of an apparent heart attack in Mexico, according to reports