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Elizabeth Taylor Tried to Seduce Montgomery Clift — Then Stood By Him After He Came Out to Her

Despite his deep attraction to Taylor, at first Clift couldn't bring himself to tell her he was gay, the author of Elizabeth and Monty: The Untold Story of Their Intimate Friendship tells PEOPLE

'I Do,' Take Two! 11 Stars Who Remarried Their Exes

Is the second time down the aisle a charm? These stars decided to give their love another chance after going their separate ways — see how many made it last

See Glam Photos of Jennifer Lopez, Whitney Houston, Sharon Stone and More (and Hear the Stories Behind Them)

With an eye for beauty, an instinct for diplomacy and Elizabeth Taylor in his corner, photographer Firooz Zahedi captured the brightest stars of a golden era and showcases their images in his new book, Look at Me

Reagans Doc Episode Highlights How 'Heroic' Elizabeth Taylor Lobbied President to Acknowledge AIDS

"It's fair to say that Elizabeth Taylor was entirely responsible for anything that the Reagan administration did publicly," The Reagans' director Matt Tyrnauer tells PEOPLE

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Here's How the 2019 Cast of Little Women Compares to the Cast from the 1994 Remake and 1949 Film

Seven decades after the 1949 film made its debut and 25 years after its 1994 remake, Greta Gerwig is breathing new life into Little Women