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Disneyland Will No Longer Require Masks for Fully Vaccinated Visitors

Disneyland and California Adventure are easing COVID-19 restrictions in conjunction with the state of California reopening on Tuesday

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Disneyland and California Adventure Will Welcome Guests from Outside California Beginning June 15

All guests will still have to wear masks after that date, despite the state of California planning to ease mask restrictions for fully-vaccinated individuals the same day

Disneyland to Debut Massive $100 Sandwich at New Avengers Campus

Inspired by the "Pym Particles" used to alter physics in Ant-Man, the massive sandwich is intended to be shared between six to eight people

Turkish Village with Castles Straight Out of a Disney Theme Park Sits Empty Due to the Pandemic

The luxurious village near the Black Sea, which includes 732 mini-castles, was never finished due to political unrest, financial problems and the pandemic