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After celebrating his 90th birthday on April 4, the man with the platinum touch looks back at his record-breaking career and the legendary artists he helped shape.
Dionne Warwick's 'What the World Needs Now (Is Love)' Tapped for Global Refugee Solidarity Challenge
The UN Refugee Agency and TikTok have teamed up to launch a music campaign, promoting solidarity with refugees globally
Dionne Warwick on the Legacy of Cousin Whitney Houston and Aunt Cissy: 'It Was Just Preordained'
The legendary singer shares memories of her family's musical dynasty and the lasting legacy of Whitney Houston and her mom, Cissy.
Dionne Warwick's Niece Brittani Hilariously Reacts to Finding Out 'Auntie' Met Rihanna Without Her
"Imagine finding out that your entire family met Rihanna without you like this," Brittani Warrick wrote Tuesday on Twitter
Dionne Warwick Recalls How She First Met Sidney Poitier: 'Actually, I Stalked Him'
During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Friday, Dionne Warwick told the story of the unusual way she met Sidney Poitier
Dionne Warwick Jokingly Drags ESPN Hosts for Dunking Oreos in Mayonnaise
"I need both of these young men to take a paid leave and really think about what is going on here," Dionne Warwick tweeted on Thursday

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Dionne Warwick Hilariously Tells Oreo She Will 'Be Retaliating at a Later Date' for Trolling Her
"After asking @Oreo to stick to the original flavor, they sent me these outrageous items as a response," Dionne Warwick wrote on Twitter on Wednesday
Dionne Warwick Says She'll Still Pay Postage for Jake Gyllenhaal to Send Taylor Swift Back Her Scarf
"First of all, what is he gonna do with the scarf?" Warwick wondered on The Drew Barrymore Show
Dionne Warwick on 'Twoting' and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: 'He Said I Should Put You on Staff'

"I think people are enjoying my honesty," says Warwick, who's one of PEOPLE's 100 Reasons to Love America