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Javier Bardem Once Jumped Out of a Cake 'Dressed Like a Bond Girl' for Daniel Craig's Birthday
Javier Bardem recalled doing his "best Marilyn Monroe impersonation" to sing to Daniel Craig on his birthday
Daniel Craig Unaware He Was Bleeding from Forehead in Interview: 'Did I Bash My Head?'
"If I don't get injured while filming I'm not doing it properly," Daniel Craig joked to Javier Bardem
Daniel Craig Recognized in Queen Elizabeth's New Year's Honors List with Same Title James Bond Holds
Daniel Craig played spy James Bond one last time in last year's No Time to Die
Daniel Craig Says He Goes to Gay Bars Often: 'I Don't Get Into Fights' There
"It was okay and it was a very safe place to be," the No Time to Die actor said
Daniel Craig Got Emotional After Shooting His Final Scene as James Bond: 'This Is Special'
No Time to Die, Daniel Craig's final film as 007, brought in $56 million from the U.S. box office from its first weekend in theaters

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No Time to Die Debuts at No. 1 at Domestic Box Office with $56 Million Opening Weekend
The film marks Daniel Craig's final performance as James Bond
Daniel Craig and James Corden Recreate 24 Classic Films in 10 Minutes in Honor of No Time to Die
Daniel Craig and James Corden had a little help from surprise guests Christopher Lloyd and Geena Davis as they swiftly paid homage to two dozen blockbusters
Daniel Craig Didn't Think He'd Be Cast as James Bond: 'I Was Just Amongst the Mix'

Daniel Craig thought he was "someone to dismiss" when called in to audition for James Bond, and thought he would book a villain role instead