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Cuba Gooding Jr. Pleads Guilty to Forcible Touching After Kissing N.Y.C. Waitress Without Consent
Cuba Gooding Jr. was arrested in 2019 after being accused of groping a woman's breast at a New York City nightclub, with two more allegations following months later
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Cuba Gooding Jr. Accused of Raping a Woman Twice in a New York City Hotel Room in 2013
Gooding Jr.'s attorney, Mark Heller, has since denied the claims
Cuba Gooding Jr. Turns Himself in to Police for a Second Time on New Charge: Report
Cuba Gooding Jr. turned himself in to NYPD a second time following a new accusation of sexual misconduct
Cuba Gooding Jr. Accused of Sexual Misconduct by 3 More Women
Cuba Gooding Jr. is facing more allegations of sexual misconduct

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Appears in Court as Sexual Abuse Trial Begins
Cuba Gooding Jr. has been accused of groping a woman at a New York City rooftop bar
Cuba Gooding Jr. Accused of Sexual Assault by Blogger Claudia Oshry When She Was 16
The actor, 51, has denied Oshry's sexual assault allegation
Cuba Gooding Jr. Plays a Boxing Champion in Trailer for His Directorial Debut Bayou Caviar

Cuba Gooding Jr. stars as a former boxing champion in his directorial debut Bayou Caviar