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How Teen Survived 24 Terrifying Hours in the Wilderness, Running from a Killer

After his father was shot, Jack Gershman, 15, was able to escape and ran into the woods, wearing only shorts and a t-shirt

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Chris Watts Is 'Haunted by What He Did' 2 Years After Murdering His Family: Source

Chris Watts is serving multiple life sentences after pleading guilty to murdering his pregnant wife and two young daughters

Protesters Fight for Racial Justice Nationwide: 'Our Skin Color Should Not Be Considered a Weapon'

Bobbi Brown, founder of a CT-based mentorship program, and Columbus, Ohio, City Council President Shannon Hardin tell PEOPLE they hope change comes soon

Woman Who Recruited Underage Girls for Jeffrey Epstein as a Teen Rape Survivor Reflects on Regrets

The new four-part documentary series Filthy Rich, premiering Wednesday, May 27 on Netflix, chronicles Epstein's pattern of abuse