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Judge Sides with Publisher of Trump Niece's Tell-All — with Final Ruling on Book's Fate Still to Come

"The legitimate interest in preserving family secrets may be one thing for the family of a real estate developer, no matter how successful," the judge wrote. "It is another matter for the family of the President of the United States"
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Court Docs Confirm Donald Trump's Niece Leaked About Family's Finances to NYT

The president's younger brother, Robert Trump, sued Mary Trump and Simon & Schuster seeking to block her book, citing a confidentiality agreement Mary had signed
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Trump Niece's Tell-All Temporarily Blocked by a Judge Ahead of July Hearing as She Vows Appeal

The president's brother has called the book a "disgrace," though Mary Trump's publisher says it describes "a nightmare of traumas" in her family
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Supreme Court Stops Trump from Ending DACA, the Obama-Era Immigration Protection Program

The court ruled the administration could try again by providing further explanation for its decision, which was "arbitrary and capricious"
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Lion King Composer Hans Zimmer Files for Divorce: Reports

Hans and Suzanne Zimmer share three children together