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Benefits of COVID Vaccination Far Outweigh Minor Risk of Heart Condition, CDC Says

Researchers at the CDC found that COVID-19 vaccines may have caused mild heart problems in more than 1,200, Americans, but cases were rare and resolved quickly

Nearly 900 Secret Service Agents Tested Positive for COVID in the Year Since March 2020

A Secret Service spokesperson cited events that forced "employees to remain in continuous contact with the public during the pandemic" as a driving factor

Fauci Says the Delta Variant Is the 'Greatest Threat' to Ending the COVID Pandemic in the U.S.

Cases from the Delta variant have doubled in the last week to 20.6%, and Dr. Anthony Fauci says he's “concerned” about unvaccinated people who are susceptible

153 Houston Hospital Workers Were Fired or Quit After Refusing to Get the COVID Vaccine

A federal judge threw out a lawsuit from 117 employees who fought against the Houston Methodist Hospital’s rule to get vaccinated by June 7

Dating App Bumble Is Giving Employees a Paid Week Off After 'Incredibly Challenging Time'

From June 21-28, Bumble employees will have time off to "rest and refresh" as "vaccination rates increase and restrictions ease"

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Watch Hugh Jackman Tap Dance as He Fulfills Mandatory Quarantine in Sydney Hotel

Hugh Jackman is rehearsing for his debut in The Music Man on Broadway later this year, which he is set to star in alongside Sutton Foster

Kelly Dodd Reveals Daughter Jolie, 14, Has COVID: 'I Thought It Was Over!'

"My daughter has COVID," former Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd shared on her Instagram Story

U.S. Health Secretary Says Unvaccinated People Are 'Vulnerable' to Highly Contagious Delta Variant

"There is evidence that it might be more virulent, which means it makes people sicker and can lead to more hospitalizations," Dr. Rachel Levine tells PEOPLE