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Derek Jeter Says Marlins' Coronavirus Outbreak Caused by Players Becoming 'Too Comfortable'

Derek Jeter says the Miami Marlins got "too comfortable" with social distancing restrictions, leading to a coronavirus outbreak on the team
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Emirates Airlines Will Now Cover Medical Expenses and Funeral Costs for Passengers Who Catch COVID-19

Under its new insurance plan, passengers who test positive for the coronavirus during a trip will get financial assistance for medical expenses, quarantine costs and other fees

Trump Downplays COVID-19 Deaths in Viral Interview: 'It Is What It Is ... It's Under Control'

"Where it was is much higher than where it is right now," the president said in a new interview, addressing statistics that show 1,000 people in the U.S. are again dying from the novel coronavirus every day

RHOA's Peter Thomas Reveals He Has COVID-19: 'The Pain Is Crazy'

"The pain don't go away," Peter Thomas said of his experience with the virus