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Kaley Cuoco Talks Secret to Boozy Flight Attendant Role (and Why It Required 'So Many' Potty Breaks)

Kaley Cuoco tells PEOPLE about her new Smirnoff cocktail recipe perfect for the summertime, plus the toughest part of filming The Flight Attendant

Survey Reveals What Different Drink Orders Reveal About Personality

Almost six out of every 10 people (55%) believe their drink of choice "says a lot" about what kind of person they are

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Stanley Tucci Is 'Flattered' by the Success and 'Filthy but Funny' Comments on His Cocktail Videos

The Supernova star can't believe the reactions to the how-to videos he posts to Instagram. "Surprised isn't the word," he says. "I'm shocked and appalled. And very flattered."

Sarah Jessica Parker Says She Didn't Like Cosmopolitans Until 'Long After' Sex and the City

"I went to some place and had an exquisite one and then it started," Sarah Jessica Parker tells New York magazine's Grub Street

WATCH: Martha Stewart Says 'the Last Joint I Had Was in 1972': 'I'm a Real Square' 

"I'm a square, I'm a real square," the media maven says, "but I enjoy a delicious cocktail more than anyone"