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CNN's Jake Tapper Says Chris Cuomo Advising Brother Andrew on Harassment Claims Wasn't 'Appropriate'

"I cannot imagine a world in which anybody in journalism thinks that that was appropriate," Jake Tapper said of his CNN colleague Chris Cuomo

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Admits He Made 'a Mistake' by Advising Brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sexual Harassment Claims

CNN says its Cuomo Prime Time anchor won't face discipline after a Washington Post report revealed he joined conference calls with his brother Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his staff

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Prioritized COVID Testing for Inner Circle, Including Brother Chris: Reports

"The special treatment by knowing someone, or by being a well-off person is extremely frustrating," a bioethicist said — though the governor's aides insist he was merely "going above and beyond to get people testing"

CNN's Chris Cuomo Faces Backlash for Saying He's 'Black on the Inside'

He later addressed the remark on Twitter, writing, "There is no understanding what it is to live as a black person in America if you are white but it is so important to listen"

Chris Cuomo Again Not Allowed to Interview Brother Andrew Cuomo or Cover News About Him for CNN

The network said this week that the governor's appearances last year on Cuomo Prime Time were an "exception" to a rule that "prevents Chris from interviewing and covering his brother"

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Chris Cuomo Shows Off His Goofy Dance Moves with Daughter Bella, 17, in TikTok Video

Chris Cuomo is having some fun after recovering from the novel coronavirus