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Becky G Talks About the Power of Allyship, Representation and Her 'Beautiful' Relationship

"If you put in perspective what the last four years were and what the next four years could have been, my biggest fear was undoing all of the progress we had made," Becky G tells PEOPLE about the presidential election

Latinas Raise Their Voices to Ax the Pink Tax

Latinas unite at Ax the Pink Tax event in Miami and stand up for gender equality and raise awareness about the price markup retailers add to items marketed to women.

Gina Rodriguez and Other Celebrities Respond to the 'Pink Tax'

Here's what celebs have to say about the "pink tax,"  the extra financial burden placed on women for certain products and services.

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Daddy Yankee Celebrates 23rd Wedding Anniversary with Romantic Instagram Post

Daddy Yankee, who's cagey about his private life, recently got personal on Instagram, where he celebrated 23 years of love with wife Mireddys Gonzalez. Here's what he said about his longtime love.

New PBS Documentary Revisits the Life of Chicano Lawyer and Activist Oscar Acosta

PBS documentary, The Rise and Fall of the Brown Buffalo, chronicles the life of Chicano lawyer, activist and novelist Oscar Acosta, better known as "The Brown Buffalo."