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Charlton Heston's Son Fraser Reflects on Playing Baby Moses in Ten Commandments: 'That Film Is in My DNA'
Fraser Heston chats with PEOPLE about his career, his father's legacy and more amid The Ten Commandments' 65th anniversary and 4K Ultra HD release
Charlton Heston's Wife, Actress Lydia Clarke Heston, Dies at 95
Clarke Heston was married to Charlton Heston for 64 years and joined the March on Washington in 1963.
Buck Kartalian, Planet of the Apes and Cool Hand Luke Star, Dies at 93
Buck Kartalian portrayed Julius, the cigar-smoking gorilla, in the 1968 science-fiction film
Charlton Heston Dies at 84
The Oscar winner who starred in Ben-Hur and played Moses dies at his home

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