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Chandra Wilson and Kelly McCreary on 'Pushing the Boundaries' as Black Women on Grey's Anatomy

"I feel like we've earned our place in talking about this now," star Chandra Wilson, who plays Dr. Miranda Bailey, said in a recent interview

Grey's Anatomy Honors COVID Patients After Beloved Character Suffers Tragic Loss

"There are so many who are among the many and who deserve to be more than numbers or statistics," Zoanne Clack, the writer of Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy said in a statement

Grey's Anatomy's Chandra Wilson Talks About Representation with the Doctors of Netflix's Lenox Hill

"I participated because I wanted to represent black people, I wanted to show us in different aspects of how maybe a lot of the general community may view us," Dr. Amanda Little-Richardson said

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Chandra Wilson Reflects on Diversity in the Grey's Anatomy Cast After 15 Seasons: 'That's America'

Chandra Wilson explains how the show is - and always has been - authentically diverse.