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Cats Recognize the Names of Feline Friends Who Live in the Same Household, Study Finds
A study conducted by Kyoto University found that pet cats may have the ability to recognize the names of felines that live with them
California Woman Accidentally Takes in Baby Fox After Mistaking Wild Animal for a Lost Kitten
California's Rocklin Police Department transported the fox kit to Gold Country Wildlife Rescue to receive expert care
Dallas Bans Pet Stores from Selling Dogs and Cats
The legislation is an effort to crack down on puppy mills and promote pet adoption
Florida Man Dedicated to Helping Animals Donates 68 Wheelchairs to Pets with Disabilities
John Cox, a retired deputy from the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, has donated wheelchairs to 64 dogs, three cats, and a goat over the last year through his organization Ruck9
Adventurer and His Feline 'Soulmate' Hike, Kayak, and Climb the U.S. Together
"I love how he is so curious about the world," JJ Yosh says of his Bombay cat Simon, who loves to go on adventures with his owner
Maternal Cat 'Adopts' Rejected Newborn Sphynx — and Now They're Both Looking for Forever Homes
Ballerina took in Cleopatra after the kitten's mom rejected her, nursing her back to health with her own babies

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Ukrainian Emergency Workers Rescue Cat Stuck on the 7th Floor of a Destroyed Building Near Kyiv
Rescuers from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine used a ladder truck to save the feline, who is now in the care of Ukraine's ZooPatrol animal rescue
New York Sheriff Launches Database for Finding Lost Pets, Hopes it Will Become a National Model
Suffolk County Sheriff Errol Toulon Jr. introduced the Lost Pet Network to help community members quickly locate their beloved pets after they go missing
California Cat With Big, Endearing Eyes and Wonky Feet Will Become Temporary 'Mayor of Hell'

Jinx the black cat, who is a hit on TikTok with over 735,000 followers, will become the first-ever temporary pet mayor of Hell, Michigan