Casey Wilson

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Celebrity Babies Born in 2023 caseyrosewilson Verified This is the dawning of the Age Of Aquarius! Our angel Frances “Frankie” Rose Caspe is here! Delivered by another angel, our surrogate and friend, Stacy whom we love and are immeasurably grateful for. Surrogacy is women supporting women in its highest form and it has been a profound experience. Uplifting and inspiring. Frankie Rose is more than I could have ever imagined. She completes the sacred circle of mother and daughter I have longed for. I’m on the other side this time- wishing Grandma Kathy could see her and hoping (knowing) she can. Her arrival is healing and joyful. We move forth! Hand in hand. With women ushering us in and onward.
Casey Wilson and David Caspe Welcome Baby via Surrogate: 'Uplifting and Inspiring'
Casey rose Wilson
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