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Casey Anthony 'Is Getting Ready to Tell Her Truth' in Upcoming TV Documentary, Says Friend
Anthony, now 36, wants to tell her story 11 years after her shocking acquittal
Casey Anthony's Mother, Cindy, Has 'Never Been The Same' Since Her Daughter's Murder Trial
In a new interview, Cindy Anthony is reunited with a crime scene investigator who recovered Caylee's remains
In Body Cam Footage from Bar Brawl, Casey Anthony Says Her Ex Boyfriend Is a Police Sergeant
In an interview with police, Anthony names a police sergeant with the West Palm Beach Police Department and claims that he is her ex-boyfriend
Casey Anthony Allegedly Gets into Bar Fight with Woman Over a Man They'd Both Dated
Anthony told police that a woman poured a drink on her at a West Palm Beach bar during an argument about a man
10 Years After Opening Statements, Casey Anthony Juror Reflects on Verdict: 'I Had Reasonable Doubts'
Ten years after opening statements, a juror reflects on the high-profile criminal case of Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony Juror Speaks Out 10 Years Later: 'My Decision Haunts Me'
On the 10-year anniversary of being empaneled on the notorious murder case, the juror tells PEOPLE that he thinks about the case "at least once, every single day"

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Casey Anthony Was Planning a 'Racy and Explicit' Movie, But It Was Scrapped Due to Coronavirus
The Florida woman was going to tell all in a new film that was slated to be released this year
Casey Anthony 'Basically Ignores' Mother's Day, Says Source: 'It's Just Another Day'

The notorious Florida woman will not commemorate her slain daughter on May 12