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We Were Never Here Author on Movie Adaptation and Real-Life Trip That Inspired Deadly Thriller
"I'm very excited to see how they change things and take it in new directions on the screen," Andrea Bartz tells PEOPLE
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Tim Miller, a former Republican "hitman," tells PEOPLE about the shift in the party and why his former friends and colleagues stayed on the MAGA train
Andy Gibb Biography Captures His Struggle with Fame, Cocaine Addiction and Death at 30
"Andy's downfall was as spectacular as his rise to the top," says author Matthew Hild, who interviewed friends and musicians who knew Andy from his earliest days
Walker Hayes Teams with the Man Behind the Song to Write an Inspiring Book: 'I Don't Like to Dream Alone'
With "Glad You're Here," the "Fancy Like" singer and friend Craig Allen Cooper describe the faith-filled friendship that inspired the song "Craig"
How Poor Sleep Is Hurting Teen Mental Health
Rest is vital for developing brains — here's how to help kids get more of it

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