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Amy Schumer Is 'Trying to Be Healthy' After Hysterectomy, Liposuction: 'I Want to Feel Hot'
“Trying to be healthy and strong for myself and my family," Amy Schumer wrote in an Instagram post
Lili Reinhart Slams 'Harmful' Celebrities Who Were 'Starving' Themselves for the Met Gala
Reinhart's comments came after Kim Kardashian said she lost 16 lbs. in three weeks to fit into her dress, Marilyn Monroe's iconic gown
Chelsea Handler Says Her Boyfriend Jo Koy Calls Her Cellulite 'Sexy': 'The More the Merrier'
Handler said that Koy, a fellow comedian, has "redeemed my faith in men," and says that around him she "can be completely myself"
TikToker Mikayla Nogueira Working to 'Accept' Her Body After Gaining 60 Lbs.: 'It Was Really Scary'
The beauty influencer warned that she may get emotional as she talked about her weight "because I struggle with an eating disorder"
Tess Holliday Is 'Really Struggling' with Her Body Image: 'It's Been Almost Debilitating'
The model has been working on healing her relationship with her body after sharing last year that she has anorexia
Normani Thanks Beyoncé and Janet Jackson for Showing Her a Woman with 'Curves' Can Be Successful
The 25-year-old singer says she works to stay body positive: "I constantly remind myself to be kind to myself"

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Jessica Simpson Says 'It's Hard Not to See Your Flaws' but Loves Her Body After Being 'Every Size'
"I understand the mentality of all women, and I understand loving where you're at or wanting more, or wanting something better," Jessica Simpson tells PEOPLE
Selena Gomez Calls Out Body Shamers Who Criticize Her Looks: 'I Don't Care About My Weight'
The Only Murders in the Building star said people tell her "'you're too small,' 'you're too big,' 'that doesn't fit' "
Jessie J Slams Comments About Her Weight After Someone Asks If She's Pregnant: 'Not Cool'

The singer pointed out that it's especially rude to ask if she's pregnant after she spoke openly about having a miscarriage last year: "So strange and damn bold"