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Woman Says She Was Banned from a Six Flags for 5 Years Over the Length of Her Shorts

Bailey Breedlove claimed that a security guard at the Frontier City amusement park was “body shaming” her and told that her shorts were “too short”

Packed on the Pandemic Pounds? Ditch the Guilt and Consider These Weight Loss Tips

The stress and fear experienced by people over the past year disrupted hormones and contributed to weight gain, says celebrity nutritionist Haylie Pomroy

Siesta Key’s Chloe Trautman Lost 50 Lbs. During the Pandemic by Going Vegan and Ditching Alcohol

The reality star decided to make a change after struggling to keep up on a ski vacation — “I was like, ‘I need to get healthy’ ”

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Sandra Lee Celebrates Losing 17 Lbs.: ’10 More to Go!’

The celebrity chef said in January that she was starting a cleanse after gaining 30 lbs. in 2020 and feeling “terrible”

Woman Trying to Lose Weight After Hitting 672 Lbs. Struggles to Continue Without a Place to Live

Tiffany Barker has been living in Houston with her boyfriend as she tries to lose weight, but they no longer can afford their apartment