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1000-Lb. Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Is ‘Even More Depressed’ After She Hits 665 Lbs.

After going to the hospital due to complications from COVID-19, the TLC star learned that she had gained 21 lbs. since her last weigh-in

Why Living Organ Donor Brian Flynn Donated a Kidney—and Part of His Liver—to 2 Strangers in 2 Years

Brian Flynn donated his kidney to a friend's brother in 2019. The experience was so gratifying, that just a year later, he donated a portion of his liver to a four year old boy that he'd never met

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Woman ‘Disappointed’ After She Doesn’t Lose Enough Weight to Qualify for Surgery on My 600-Lb. Life

Michelle Marescott is trying to get down to 532 lbs. and meet the eligibility requirement for weight loss surgery