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Bobby Bones' New Show Breaking Bobby Bones Pushed Him to His Limit — and He Liked It

While Breaking Bobby Bones will shine the spotlight on a slew of deserving folks, Bones admits that it has also taught him a lot more about himself

Bobby Bones Says Falling for Fiancée Caitlin Parker Was 'One of the Best Things' to Happen to Him

"I just didn't believe love was a real thing," Bobby Bones says in a PEOPLE exclusive clip from Monday's Running Wild with Bear Grylls, in which he and fiancée Caitlin Parker brave the Sierra Nevada

Bobby Bones Is 'Just Happy to Be There Mentoring' for His Fourth Season of American Idol 

"The families are in there now, which is a whole new added element that we haven't had before. So, in a way, us having to figure out new paths to take, has actually created better paths for us to travel on," the radio host and mentor explains

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Morgan Wallen Says He 'Turned My Phone Off' and 'Cleared My Head' After SNL Controversy

"I took a while, like almost two weeks, and just turned my phone off and didn't even look at it," Morgan Wallen told Bobby Bones about his disinvitation as a musical guest on SNL