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Bill Murray Gives Hilarious Quarantine Advice While Taking a Bubble Bath at Home

"They do say soap and water are the best things to protect you from the virus,” television host Jimmy Kimmel joked, poking fun at his guest's unusual choice of locale
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Is Bill Murray Reliving Groundhog Day for Jeep's Super Bowl Ad? Seems Like It!

Bill Murray was spotted filming a commercial for Jeep in Woodstock, Illinois, which stood in as the town depicted in Groundhog Day

It's Official! Bill Murray Returns to His Ghostbusters Role in Upcoming Sequel

Though Bill Murray made a cameo in the 2016 all-women Ghostbusters, he will be back as his original character in the new movie

Selena Gomez Reveals What Bill Murray Whispered to Her at the Cannes Film Festival

The Dead Don't Die co-stars went viral last month when Murray whispered something in Gomez's ear