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Bekah Martinez Gets Creative After Daughter Ruth, 2, Sticks Lentils Up Her Nose: 'Help'

"We did try nursing and she actually got out some of the lentils just by breathing hard," Bekah Martinez said of one method she tried

Bekah Martinez Says Fan's Comment on Daughter's Sleep Schedule Is 'Rude': 'It's Not Helpful'

"Reading messages like this just makes me feel even more frustrated. It's not helpful," the former Bachelor contestant said of a fan's "rude" comment about her daughter's sleep schedule

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Bekah Martinez Is Considering Fostering Before Welcoming 'Permanent' Third Child into Family

Bekah Martinez, who has teamed up with Charlie Banana, also touches on mom shamers and teaching her kids about body confidence and the environment

Bekah Martinez Says She Didn't Plan to Nurse 17-Month-Old Daughter 'This Long': 'Here We Are'

Bekah Martinez shares 17-month-old Ruth and 1-month-old Franklin with boyfriend Grayston Leonard