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Bekah Martinez Explains Approach to Gender Norms After Criticized for Calling Daughter 'Pretty'
Bekah Martinez shared her approach to gender expression and said she encourages her son and daughter "to question norms and march to the beat of their own drum, however that may look"
Celebrity Moms Who Tandem Breastfed
Talk about multi-tasking! These moms are pulling double duty when it comes to breastfeeding their children 
Bekah Martinez Supports Coco Austin Continuing to Breastfeed Her 5½-Year-Old: 'It's Not Weird'
Bekah Martinez says society has "totally backwards views of when it's appropriate to wean" children from breastfeeding
Bekah Martinez 'Devastated' About Nanny Quitting: We'll 'Miss Her Being a Part of Our Daily Life'
Bekah Martinez says she's "really overwhelmed about having to start over in the process of finding someone to help" with her two kids
Bekah Martinez on Having 'Open Conversation' with Daughter, 2, About Sex: Builds 'Honesty and Trust'
"Young children are fully capable of understanding simple explanations of sex and other hard topics," says Bekah Martinez
Bachelor Alum Bekah Martinez Celebrates College Graduation: 'I Freaking Did It!'
Bekah Martinez documented her graduation from the University of California Irvine on Saturday

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Bekah Martinez Recounts Accidentally Locking Kids in 'Blazing Hot' Car: 'It Was Really Scary'
Bekah Martinez says she got "super nervous" during the situation because daughter Ruth, 2, and son Frank, 11 months, "were pouring sweat" inside the vehicle
Bekah Martinez on 'Bittersweet' Choice to Stop Breastfeeding Daughter, 2: 'It Was Definitely Time'
"I'll always look back happily on the times my body fed and comforted my baby girl," Bekah Martinez says as she explains she's done tandem nursing
Bekah Martinez Reveals She's Hiring a Nanny After 'Breakdowns' from Stress: 'I'm Not Superwoman'

The mom of two says she's "still feeling guilty" about the decision, though she thinks "it's a good step in the right direction"