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Balthazar Getty Reveals Bout with COVID in Early March: We Were 'Really Frightened'
The star spent two weeks in quarantine and tells PEOPLE that luckily none of his friends or family members tested positive
How Balthazar Getty 'Struggled' with Billionaire Family's Dark Legacy — and Survived Scandal
"I struggled with it a lot as a kid and overcompensated," Balthazar Getty told PEOPLE of being known as a Getty. "I didn't ever want to be labeled a rich kid, because I wasn't
John Paul Getty III After the Kidnapping: How Drugs and Torment Destroyed Billionaire Heir 
John Paul Getty III "squandered his genealogical inheritance," said journalist A. Craig Copetas. "The Gettys were the most dysfunctional family in many ways. Paul was a lost child."
The 8 Most Scandalous Moments in Getty Family History
The multibillion-dollar oil family has a history littered with drugs, kidnappings, affairs and severed ears. Andrew Getty's sudden death in March is just one of many scandals that have haunted the Getty clan
A Billion-Dollar Heir and a Sliced-Off Ear: The Brutal True Story of J. Paul Getty III's Kidnapping
The true story behind the new film All the Money in the World, in theaters Dec. 25.
Balthazar Getty on Surviving an Affair, Addiction and His Family's Legacy
From drug addiction to an extramarital affair, Getty is putting the past behind him

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