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Rescue Mini Horse Treated to Flower-Filled Maternity Photoshoot Before Welcoming Baby Girl

After being surrendered to Humane Society of Missouri's Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in November 2020, Waffle the miniature horse is thriving alongside her new foal

Army Sergeant Working to Rescue Stray Cat She Met During Deployment — and Her 3 Kittens

Army Sergeant Hetty is hoping to bring Nubbs the cat and her kittens Biggie Paws, Dhabi, and Patti back to the United States to live with her

They’re Here! Chicago's Shedd Aquarium Welcomes 2 'Fuzzy' New Penguin Chicks

The Shedd Aquarium announced this week that they've recently welcomed "two new fuzzy additions to the penguin colony" — two Magellanic penguin chicks.

This Mother's Day, San Diego Zoo Elephant Moms Are Using Their Milk to Help Orphan Elephants

Umngani and Ndulamitsi, two African elephants living at the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance's Safari Park, are providing samples of their milk so scientists can replicate it for orphan elephants

Tiger Gives Birth to 3 Cubs at Toronto Zoo After 104-Day Pregnancy: She's an 'Exemplary Mother'

Mazyria the Amur tiger, who gave birth to three cubs in 2013, is now a mom of six after giving birth to another trio of tiger cubs on April 30 at the Toronto Zoo

First-Time Mom Eleanor the Warthog Gives Birth to 3 Female Piglets in Time for Mother's Day

The trio of warthog girls are the first warthog piglets born at Zoo Atlanta since their mom Eleanor's birth over seven years ago.

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Meet Sabi Star! Critically Endangered Black Rhino Calf Makes Her Adorable Debut at Australia Zoo

At 7 weeks old, little Sabi weighs about 245 lbs. and is "very alert," according to Taronga Western Plains Zoos' black rhino keeper Hayley Brooks

Baby Dwarf Antelope Born at Florida Zoo: 'Good Things Come in Tiny Packages'

Although he doesn't have a name yet, the Brevard Zoo's veterinary staff has determined that the klipspringer antelope calf appears "to be in good health and nursing well"

Florida Zoo Welcomes 'Critically Endangered' Baby Gorilla: 'We Have Many Reasons to Celebrate'

The new addition is the first western lowland gorilla to be born at Florida's Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens since 2018