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Pregnant Mandy Moore Sweetly Congratulates Ex Wilmer Valderrama on Birth of 'Gorgeous' Daughter

"Can't wait to meet her," Mandy Moore, who's currently expecting her first child, told Wilmer Valderrama on Instagram about his newborn daughter

PRETTYMUCH's Austin Porter Candidly Opens Up About Becoming a Dad: 'Everything Happens for a Reason'

"To me, [leaving the group] was the worst possible outcome," he tells PEOPLE. "But I would have done it if it meant giving my son and the people I love, a better life."

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The Bachelor's Lesley Murphy Explains Why She's 'Not Able to Breastfeed' Newborn Daughter Nora

"Even if I was [breastfeeding], we should all support everyone's unique feeding journey," Lesley Murphy says as she reminds fans of her previous double mastectomy

Witney Carson Introduces Son, 6 Weeks, to DWTS Partner (and Dad-to-Be!) Frankie Muniz: 'So Excited'

"So excited for you guys!" Witney Carson wrote to Frankie Muniz, who's expecting his first child with wife Paige Price