Animal Rescue

Injured Turkey Is Taking His First Steps Thanks to Custom Wheelchair — the First of Its Kind!

In order to keep Bill the turkey active, his caretakers put together the first-ever turkey wheelchair, making some alterations to a wheelchair originally designed for a dog to use
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Animal Sanctuary Pen Pals Program Connects Kids With Cows, Pigs and More

Some of the animals at Pasado's Safe Haven looking for pen pals include Blue the cow, Heart the pig and Smudge the goat.
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More Animal Rescue

Overweight Chihuahua Abandoned on New Jersey Highway Is Rescued, Taken in by Loving Foster Home

Stanley, who is about 8 years old and weighs 21 pounds, was “disabled and completely helpless," when he was found, according to the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge.

Mom and Son Dog Pair Hoping to Find a Home on Mother's Day Gets Adopted Together

Queen the mom dog and her son Freddy can rest easy now that they have been adopted together after waiting over 8 months for a home

Mom and Son Dog Pair in Shelter for 8 Months Looking for Forever Home For Mother's Day

Ten-year-old dog mom Queen and her 4-year-old son Freddy are still inseparable and very loving towards one another