Animal Cruelty

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Trump Administration Finalizes New Rules Making It Easier to Kill Bear Cubs in Alaska

The administration is overturning a five-year-old ban on controversial practices like baiting cubs in their dens and using artificial light to hunt
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China No Longer Marking Dogs as Livestock Ahead of Controversial Yulin Dog Meat Festival

The Yulin Dog Meat Festival was created in 2010 in an effort to boost flagging dog meat sales, according to Humane Society International 
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China to Offer Buy-Outs to Farmers Raising Exotic Animals for Human Consumption: Report

The farmers will be offered the equivalent of $88 per porcupine, $84 per civet cat; $11 per kilogram of bamboo rat, and $17 per kilogram of cobra, king rattle or rat snakes
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Alabama Race Course Trying to Find Homes For More Than 400 Dogs After Ending Greyhound Racing

Ending the greyhound races "was mostly a financial decision," said Birmingham Racing Commission Executive Director Kip Keefer, reports
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More Animal Cruelty

Three Abandoned Puppies Rescued Following Louisiana Street Dog Shootings

According to Helen Woodward Animal Center, Louisiana locals shot several dogs after rural shelters became too overpopulated to take in more animals

Stolen Pets Likely Among Hundreds of Dogs Rescued from Illegal Slaughterhouse in China

Humane Society International and Vshine, with help from volunteers and animal activists, rescued 423 dogs from a slaughterhouse in Henan, China

Shenzhen Becomes the First City in China to Outlaw Cat and Dog Meat Consumption

The ban on the consumption of cat, dog, and wild animal meat is a response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic