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Simon Cowell Has Emotional Meeting with Dog He Helped Rescue from a South Korean Dog Meat Farm

Robin the Maltese mix was one of over 200 dogs saved from a South Korean dog meat farm thanks to Cowell's generous donation to Humane Society International
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Heidi Klum Talks Returning to AGT Set, What She Misses Most About Pre-Coronavirus Filming

"Every day we seem to wake up to a new surprise," Heidi Klum tells PEOPLE about the unpredictability of the show's production changes during the coronavirus pandemic
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Simon Cowell Pays Tribute to Regis Philbin: 'He Was a Big Reason' for AGT's Success

"He was a big reason why we managed to get the show off the ground in the first place," Simon Cowell tells PEOPLE about Regis Philbin, who hosted America's Got Talent season 1
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First Look: AGT Rolls Out Drive-In Set and Heidi Klum Returns for First Pandemic Episode

PEOPLE has the exclusive first look at the new intro of the Judge Cuts episode, when the socially distanced set is unveiled to Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofia Vergara

AGT: Eric Stonestreet, Howie Mandel Discuss Judging Without Live Audience — 'It Was All Weird'

"I felt a little pressure to make the contestants feel as though I was just as engaged as if there was an audience there," guest judge Eric Stonestreet tells PEOPLE