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'Not Sittin' Here as Some Little Woman:' Looking Back at Hillary and Bill Clinton's 60 Minutes Interview
The couple's 1992 sit-down, amid claims he was unfaithful, was depicted in this week's episode of Impeachment: American Crime Story
Meet the Former Gift Shop Manager-Turned-Internet Personality Who Broke Clinton's Lewinsky Affair 
The founder of the popular news aggregator Drudge Report is known to give few interviews and has grown increasingly reclusive
Sarah Paulson Says Season 10 of American Horror Story Will 'Probably' Be Her Last
"It's the first time in about three years where I don't know," Sarah Paulson said of what Ryan Murphy project is next, following American Horror Story: Double Feature and Impeachment: American Crime Story
Paula Jones Slams Her Portrayal in Impeachment as 'Inaccurate' and 'Almost Cartoonish'
Paula Jones’ lawsuit against Bill Clinton in 1994, which claimed he had exposed himself to her, was a key impetus for his eventual impeachment 

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Beanie Feldstein Hopes People See Monica Lewinsky in a 'Different Light' After Impeachment: ACS
"I really hope that people are exposed to her humanity," Beanie Feldstein told PEOPLE of Monica Lewinsky, whom she portrays in Impeachment: American Crime Story
Sarah Paulson Admits 'Regret' About Playing Linda Tripp in a Fat Suit for Impeachment: 'Fat Phobia Is Real'
"It is a very important conversation to be had," Sarah Paulson said of her portrayal of Linda Tripp in Impeachment: American Crime Story, which previously drew backlash for fat phobia
Edie Falco to Play Hillary Clinton in Impeachment: American Crime Story

The Nurse Jackie star joins Clive Owen, Sarah Paulson, and Beanie Feldstein