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'Come Together': Stars and Thousands of Everyday People Join Pledge for a Better Post-Trump America

"So many of us have been in crisis response mode lately," Valarie Kaur tells PEOPLE. "So this is an opportunity for people to come together and reflect on what they're carrying with them that they no longer want to"

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America Ferrera Says It's 'Overwhelming' Working from Home with Two Kids: 'They Just Want Me'

The star welcomed a daughter in May and tells PEOPLE she is still figuring out how to stay productive with two young kids amid the coronavirus pandemic

America Ferrera Opens Up About Her 'Super Simple' 2020 Holiday Plans

"We're going do our best to just celebrate and make it feel special even though we can't be with all of our family and friends," says America Ferrera, who's teaming up with Estrella Jalisco to cover electric bills for other families

Emmys: America Ferrera Recalls Being Told to 'Sound More Latina' During First Audition at Age 16

"I am Latina and this is what I sound like," America Ferrera remembered thinking