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Alyssa Milano Picked Daughter's September Birthdate So She Could Have Same Birthday as Beyoncé
The mother-of-two says on PEOPLE's new Me Becoming Mom podcast that she had the choice between her daughter being born on Sept. 3 or Sept. 4
Alyssa Milano on Learning to Love Her C-Section Scar: 'There's Something Incredibly Tribal About It'
"It feels almost like a tattoo in a way," mother-of-two Alyssa Milano says on PEOPLE's new Me Becoming Mom podcast
Alyssa Milano Recalls Thinking Miscarriage Was 'Karmic' Punishment for Abortions in Her 20s
"It took a while in therapy to realize that that was something that I was putting on myself," Alyssa Milano says on PEOPLE's Me Becoming Mom podcast
Alyssa Milano Says Childbirth Reminded Her of Being Sexually Assaulted: 'I Wasn't in Control'
Alyssa Milano says on PEOPLE's Me Becoming Mom podcast that at one point giving birth for the first time, she was "really not enjoying the fact that lots of people had access to my vagina"
Alyssa Milano on Her Relationship with Charmed Costar Shannen Doherty: 'We Are Cordial'
Shannen Doherty left Charmed at the conclusion of season three after rumored on-set tension between her and Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano Reflects on Marriage to David Bugliari, Says Love 'Is a Constant State of Apology'
Alyssa Milano's book of personal essays, Sorry Not Sorry, is on sale now

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Alyssa Milano Arrested at Voting Rights Demonstration Outside White House
The actress was protesting in support of the Freedom to Vote Act
Alyssa Milano Opens Up About Her Generalized Anxiety Disorder: 'Erase the Stigma'
"This is who I am, and I take medication for it. And I'm okay with that," Alyssa Milano said in an Instagram video

Alyssa Milano Says Long-Haul COVID Has 'Impacted Every Part of My Health'

“Please get vaccinated,” the Charmed star says, because COVID-19 was “like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life”