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Alton Brown Apologizes for His 'Flippant Reference' to the Holocaust in Since-Deleted Tweets
"It was a very poor use of judgement [sic] and in poor taste," the Food Network star said
Alton Brown Opens Up About His 2015 Divorce and Leaving the Southern Baptist Church
The Good Eats star split from his ex-wife DeAnna Brown of 21 years in 2015
How Alton Brown's New Wife Has Changed Him: I Used Work to 'Avoid the Rest of My Life'
Along with the return of his hit show Good Eats, there's also been a reboot of Alton Brown himself
Alton Brown's Series Good Eats Is Finally Returning to the Food Network
Brown announced on Wednesday that the show will return to the Food Network after a five-year hiatus, and will air Sundays starting Aug. 25

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Alton Brown Officially Confirms the Return of Good Eats

The host revealed details about the revival during a pop culture convention in Atlanta this past weekend.