Allison Janney

Allison Janney is an American actress. She is best known for her roles in The West Wing, Mom and I, Tonya (2017). She debuted on Broadway in 1996 in Present Laughter. She also starred in A View From the Bridge and 9 to 5. Janney has won one Oscar, seven Emmys and a Golden Globe.

Janney is active in causes she cares about, including women's rights, voter registration, LGBTQ+ rights and addiction recovery. She has been recognized by the White House for her dedication to educating people on addiction recovery.
Allison Janney
Full Name
Allison Brooks Janney
Notable Projects
The West Wing


Is Allison Janney married?

Allison Janney is not married. She has never been married.

Does Allison Janney have kids?

Allison Janney does not have kids. She has spoken about her desire to never have children.

Who is Allison Janney’s brother?

Allison Janney's brother, Henry Janney, took his own life in 2011 after battling addiction and depression. Janney dedicated her 2018 Oscar to him.

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