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Alaskan Bush People's Matt Brown Accused of Raping 2 Women

Matt has struggled with addiction for years. In 2018 — the same year as the alleged rapes — he returned to rehab after first seeking treatment in the spring of 2016

Alaskan Bush People's Bear Brown Says His Family Has 'Lost a Lot' in 'Raging' Wildfire

Earlier this week, a few of the Alaskan Bush People siblings shared with fans that a "massive" wildfire had broken out near their land in Washington

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Alaskan Bush People Family Gives Update After 'Massive' Wildfire Breaks Out Near Their Land

"On August 18, a wildfire broke out near the Brown family’s land. The family is safe, but the fire is still raging," an update from the Discovery series reads

Alaskan Bush People's Bear Brown Says 'Things Didn't Turn Out' as Expected After Split

In the new season, the Brown family will face a series of challenges — including a hefty winter storm, moments of self-reflection, a race to complete their cabin in frigid temperatures, and the onset of the coronavirus pandemic

Alaskan Bush People: The Browns Work to Establish Self-Made Village as Their Family Grows

Three members of the Brown family are expecting their own children