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Oscars 2022 Ceremony Delayed By a Month to March 27: 'Mark Your Calendars!'

"A feature film must have a qualifying release date between March 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021," the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and ABC said of the 2022 Oscars eligibility

Two Distant Strangers' Travon Free on His Oscar-Winning Short Inspired by George Floyd's Murder

Travon Free, who directed Two Distant Strangers, discussed his Oscar-winning short film on Tuesday's episode of Ellen in honor of the one-year anniversary of George Floyd's Murder

Chris Rock and Jimmy Kimmel Joke About Not Hosting 2021 Oscars: 'I Was Like a Backseat Driver’

"It was a real weird feeling of relief to not have been involved in that, at all," Jimmy Kimmel told Chris Rock as they poked fun at not being involved

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All About Angela Bassett's 2021 Oscars Makeup Prep and 'Beautifully Bold' Look

Presenter Angela Bassett and longtime makeup artist D’Andre Michael share exclusive behind-the-scenes photos of their beauty prep before the star hit the red carpet