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A Man Murdered 11 Black Women Over 4 Years — Did Victims' Race Allow Him to Keep Killing?
In an exclusive clip from this week's episode of 20/20, a man reflects on one of Henry Louis Wallace's final murders — a brutal 1994 attack that took his mother's life and almost ended his own
A Boy, 12, Was Coerced into Falsely Confessing to a Murder — and the Real Killer Is Still Out There
In an exclusive clip from this week's episode of 20/20, a now-grown Anthony Harris speaks out about being wrongfully convicted of murdering his 5-year-old neighbor, Devan Duniver, in 1998
Deborah Roberts 'Fell Deeper' for Al Roker During the Pandemic, Details ABC News' COVID Special
In 24 Months That Changed the World, anchored by GMA's Robin Roberts, Deborah and her colleagues explore how COVID-19 transformed the lives of millions
Former Heaven's Gate Cult Member Reveals She 'Never Stepped Foot Out the Door' in New Interview
Diane Sawyer revisits the Heaven's Gate suicides 25 years later in a new two-hour special of 20/20 airing Friday
Pastor Tips Off Police in Antifreeze Murders After 2 Congregants Die in the Same Way, He Tells 20/20
Jeff Sippy made an anonymous call to police in 2013 after two members of the same family died and another was in the ICU. Convicted of killing them, Diane Staudte tells ABC's 20/20 she is innocent
Lori Vallow's Brother Says Jail Hasn't Brought Her Closer to Reality: 'The Same as She's Always Been'
On Friday's episode of 20/20, Adam Cox discusses how his family has changed — and how sister Lori hasn't — since she became a murder suspect

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Turpin Sisters Are Moved by Outpouring of Love Since 20/20 Special: 'My Whole Life, I Thought I Didn't Matter'
Jordan and Jennifer Turpin reveal the positive impact that Friday's 20/20 episode, "Escape from a House of Horror," has had on them
After Escaping Captivity from Abusive Parents, the Turpin Siblings Faced a New Set of Horrors
Disturbing details about the Turpins' post-rescue lives emerged in a new report from ABC's 20/20, alleging that their past few years "have been marred by the county's missteps and mistakes"
20/20's Amy Robach Says Keto and Intermittent Fasting 'Makes Me Feel My Best'

The news anchor says she follows the high-protein, low-carb diet to "fuel my busy days"