Here's what people are buying, crafting, baking, sipping, and serving this holiday season, based on the most pinned and saved photos.

By Marisa Spyker
November 24, 2017 02:50 PM

Here's what people are buying, crafting, baking, sipping, and serving this holiday season, based on the most pinned and saved photos.

The Trend: Festive Fruit

Trees aren't the only things being trimmed this year. It seems more people are tricking out pineapples with shiny ornaments, garland, and star(fish!). Clearly, this is a trend we can get behind; our only question is, how has this not become a thing until now?

The Trend: Hitting the (Champagne) Bar

While a nice bottle of champagne chilling on ice is just fine, add to that a beautiful bar cart stocked with fancy fixins like liqueurs, juices, fruits, and herbs and you have this lovely setup that's guaranteed to impress everyone at the party.

The Trend: Crowd-Pleasing Pies

Warm fruit crumbles and pies are always winners in the chilly winter months, and these slab recipes take the burden out of having to make and remake several rounds of dessert in traditional pie pans.

The Trend: Trading in Bling for a DIY Driftwood Menorah

While menorahs are traditionally gold and have a somewhat formal feel to them, this out-of-the-box interpretation feels modern yet sophisticated—and perfect for beach houses.

The Trend: A Neutral, Natural Holiday Table

It appears the days of decking the halls (and the holiday table) in red and green are gone. One of the top tablescapes takes on a much more subdued vibe, with a frayed burlap table runner, woven placemats, chunky wooden candle holders, and white pumpkins resting on an unfussy arrangement of greenery.

The Trend: Easy, Cheesy Finger Foods

Cheese is pretty much "on trend" every holiday season (and, let's be honest, every season before that, too). Rest assured, nothing has changed. Classic baked brie is always a holiday hit, but one-bite goodies like these cranberry pecan mini goat cheese balls are tasty and make for a pretty presentation.

The Trend: Bucking the Tree

While we're on the topic of trees, more people seem to be opting for creative–and eco-friendly–alternatives (à la Jack Johnson and his incredible driftwood tree). Ideas range from stress-free solutions like hanging a pine tree-printed canvas on the wall, to decorating a cactus or bird cage instead.

The Trend: Getting Lit (After Getting Lit)

The holidays are bound to produce a whole lot of empty wine bottles; instead of immediately recycling them, turn them into glowing conversation pieces and place them around the house for an ambient vibe.

The Trend: Wrapping Paper With a Tropical Touch

Out-of-the-bin wrapping paper with smiling elves and snowmen might have its place, but this simple DIY—made with white butchers paper, black paint and bamboo leaves—feels effortlessly chic and adds a special touch to gifts.

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