Zooey Deschanel Reveals Her Bad Beauty Habit

The actress is known for her nail art -- but doesn't actually get regular manicures

Jen Lowery/Startraks

Looking at Zooey Deschanel’s Instagram page, you’d assume it’s her nails she’s obsessed with. But it turns out the star is actually much more particular about her hair.

“I love my hair, that’s a part of who I am,” she tells PEOPLE. “I don’t like having short hair — I don’t feel like myself.”

As for dip-dyeing or going blonde? Fuggedaboutit. “I’ve always liked having a ‘normal’ hair color,” she says. “I’ve never had ‘weird’ hair … never really wanted it.”

Though the New Girl star proclaims that she doesn’t feel “beholden to any look,” she’s also limited with the changes she can make. “I’m on a show, so it’s not like I can cut my hair off,” she explains. “I also have a Pantene contract, so I don’t think they would like it.”

However, she can change those nails — though she only elects to sometimes. “I love nail art, but I don’t care about my nails,” she shares. Like, really doesn’t care. “If I don’t have my nails done, I’ll bite them. I don’t take care of them.”

And while she’s opted for some super-fun nail art at recent awards shows — the Golden Globes and Emmys among them — don’t expect to see her at your local nail salon trying the latest OPI shade anytime soon. “I’ll get [a manicure] every once in a while, but I don’t have time,” she says. “When I do the show, I just have plain nails.” Tell us: Are you particular about your hair length and hue?

–Reporting by Jackie Fields


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