The 23-year-old actress graced Allure’s December/January cover in Euphoria-inspired makeup

By Katie Intner
November 21, 2019 07:22 PM

Zendaya tapped into some of her own life experiences when filming the hit HBO show Euphoria. In the new issue of Allure, the 23-year-old actress reveals that her character Rue’s signature oversize sweatshirt reflects something from her own adolescence.

“When I was 11, my grandfather passed, and we had all his old clothes,” Zendaya told Allure for its December/January cover story. “I thought it would be cool if we made [it clear that] the hoodie was Rue’s [late] dad’s hoodie. [I wanted to capture] that attachment that you have to inanimate objects when somebody passes.”

And the Euphoria star adds that the way Rue incorporates her sweatshirt into her daily look is reflective of how she’s feeling.

“It was written in the script that Rue had this big hoodie,” she explains. “You can tell when she’s having a good day or feels good because her hoodie is not covering her entirely, and then when she’s not feeling it, she’s basically hiding in this giant hoodie.”

As Allure’s “Out of Office” issue cover star, Coleman models colorful Euphoria-inspired makeup looks as she opens up about her career, growing up in the spotlight and her love for fashion.

Most recently, she explored that love with her second collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, which she debuted alongside the designer during the label’s Spring/Summer 2020 New York fashion show.

“It was a celebration of the women who opened the door for me,” she shares. “Without what these women did in this fashion landscape, without Beverly Johnson, the first black woman to have a [American] Vogue cover, my Vogue cover doesn’t exist. It’s saying thank you, and it’s also putting it in our minds that that’s what we have to continue to do. That’s the only way that doors are going to continue to be open — if we keep inviting people that look like us, and other people who don’t look like us, to come through the door”

Zendaya credits the diverse body types within her family, from her mother to her sister, for the inspiration behind her size-inclusive line.

“That was my thing — I’m not going to make clothes my sister or my niece or any of the women in my family can’t wear. A lot of the clothes were for tall people too. For my mom, this is the first time that she can wear pants and not get them altered — she’s six feet four.”

Allure’s December/Jaunaury “Out of Office” issue will be on newsstands on December 3.